No Graphic Art Skills Needed: Four Approaches To Learning Web Design That Keep It Simple

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If you want to be the master of your own web pages, you either need to know how to create and design them, or you need to hire a person who is proficient in web design. Since most web design pages are not that difficult to create, you could save yourself thousands of dollars by learning web design on your own. No graphic art skills or digital art degrees are needed when you choose one or more of the following approaches to create your own web pages.

Boxed Software

Boxed web design software is the way most people go, although certain programs can cost hundreds of dollars. However, compared to hiring a professional web designer, you are still saving an enormous amount of money. The boxed software will take a little getting used to because you will have to do a walk-through web page product to get the hang of some of the most common tools. You can explore the intermediate and advanced tools after you master the basic tools.

Online Sites

There are also online sites that provide you with many web design options to construct your own site, and then provide you with platform support and a URL all your own. It takes the guesswork out of writing any custom code you may need for your web pages, and, if there are technical problems with your pages, the platform support technicians handle it. You can choose from a wide variety of background templates in a multitude of colors, then pick your text, text boxes, clip art, photos, etc. Some of these are free to try too, which may be appealing for the absolute beginner who does not want to invest a lot of money in learning web design.

Free or Low-Cost Tutorials 

Free tutorials in web design can be found online, but you can also get a low-cost tutorial in person from web designers. When all you really need are the basic concepts and how web design works, a tutorial is the perfect crash course on this subject matter. Then you may feel more comfortable jumping into the autodidactic world of web design afterwards.

Adult Continuing Education System (ACES)

Want a longer crash-course edition of web design? An adult continuing education course that meets for one entire Saturday may be just the thing. You do not have to pay tuition, although the instructor might expect you to bring a jump drive to save your project so you can finish it at home on your own time. Sometimes, seniors can take a free course at their senior center too.

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