Six Things You Shouldn't Assume About Wine Marketing

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Wine producers need to know how to market their products. Making inaccurate assumptions about wine marketing can hold your company back from reaching its full potential.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume about wine marketing

Wine producers should do all their own marketing.

Wine producers are in the business of producing wine. They don't typically have any specialized knowledge in marketing. 

If you're a wine producer and you try to do your own marketing, your results aren't going to be as good as they would be if you outsource your marketing needs. It's even better to outsource marketing tasks to a company that works in wine marketing. 

Word-of-mouth marketing is the best way to get the word out about your wine.

Some wine producers assume that word-of-mouth marketing is the only type of marketing they should focus on since wine consumption is such a social thing. However, relying on awareness of your products to spread by word of mouth is not a good idea.

You'll enjoy far better results if you combine word-of-mouth marketing with other marketing methods. 

Wine marketing methods that don't produce immediate results are no good.

Marketing takes time. You cannot expect to get the word out about your product overnight. Be patient about marketing tactics before assuming that they're not working for your company. 

You shouldn't use wine marketing methods that require a large investment.

Wine producers need to spend money to make money. While you need to carefully research marketing tactics and efforts before investing, you should never assume that a marketing method won't be worthwhile simply because it requires a large upfront investment. 

Online marketing is the only wine marketing method you need nowadays.

Some wine producers are too focused on online marketing and neglect traditional marketing methods as a result. Online marketing is important, but it's also important to invest in marketing through tastings, wine clubs, print advertising, and more for the best possible results. 

Wine producers can eventually be successful without putting a lot of effort into wine marketing.

As a wine producer, you should never rely on the quality of your wine alone. While it's obviously important to produce a quality product, you need to realize that marketing efforts are just as important as creating a quality product.

It doesn't matter how good your wine is if no one knows about it. Marketing your wine is essential if you want to grow your customer base and increase awareness of your products.