4 Signs You Need An Organic SEO Strategy

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Search engine optimization is a critical part of building a web presence. Ideally, your site will generate as much organic traffic as possible. Organic traffic appears when people naturally decide to search specifically for the site or look for the topics on it.

An organic SEO strategy is part of a larger marketing mix, but it's still important. Website operators who see these four signs should consider how to build an organic strategy.

Low or No Online Visibility

Organic SEO strategists want to achieve one basic goal before they move on to bigger objectives. They want the website to be visible. If the search engines don't see the site at all, that's a bad thing. People won't find your content in a search, and they might not even find the site if they directly enter the name into the search bar. Even if you're otherwise comfortable with inorganic solutions, you want your site to be visible online.

Budget Limitations

Another argument for working with organic SEO marketing specialists is to maximize a limited budget. With numerous options for marketing a website, you want to get the best return on your SEO investment. Once you have an SEO strategy working, the beauty is that it keeps generating traffic. If your site regularly shows up on the first page of search engine results for even a handful of niche keywords, there's a pretty good chance it'll drive traffic. Dollar for dollar, it's just a good expenditure if you don't have a large marketing budget.

Very Little Returning Traffic

Driving traffic to a website is tough. Keeping it is even harder. If you're seeing crushingly low return rates among website visitors, then you need a better organic SEO strategy. Remember, it's not enough to impress the search engines. You want users to come back because they like your content, need the information, or love your products or services.

Poor return rates are a sign of a disconnect between visitors' expectations and the content. You may need to bring the content more in line with those expectations.

Dependence on Paid Advertising

Even if a company can afford to spend a lot on advertising, it's not a great business model unless you're selling products or services with huge markups. Also, paying for advertising doesn't leave you with much of an advantage because any competitor can advertise on the same channels.

If you're seeing the best results from a small number of channels, then you're also at the mercy of those outlets when it comes to rates. An organic approach gives you more control.

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