Improve Your Supplement Label's Design with These Tips

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Supplement labels are required to communicate certain information, but supplement creators have some flexibility in how that information is presented on a label. If you have a supplement that's sold directly to consumers, use these tips to improve the supplement label's design.

Use Graphics When Possible

Consumers are regularly overloaded with information, and information overload is especially common in supplement aisles and stores. The smaller size of supplement bottles and boxes means that consumers can see lots of supplements all at once. The cumulative information from all of the bottles can seem overwhelming.

Avoid overwhelming consumers with the information on your supplement, as that can muddle the information that's most important to communicate. It also can frustrate consumers if they can't quickly see the most basic information that they want to know.

One of the easiest ways to keep a label simple is by using graphics in your supplement label's design whenever possible. If you can convey information graphically rather than via text, use the graphic. This will let consumers more quickly attain the information that's on your supplement's label.

Invest in High-Quality Materials

The materials used for a supplement label might seem immaterial, but they're important. Unlike other products that are more interactive, supplements themselves aren't that interesting to consumers. Consumers don't choose supplements because they see the supplement themselves, but rather because of what they see on the label.

Thus, the quality of the label can make a good impression. Invest in quality materials for your supplement's label, and consumers may transfer that to believing you've also used quality ingredients for the supplements inside of the bottle or box.

Employ Consistent Branding

If you sell more than one supplement, use consistent branding across all of your company's supplement products. Consistent branding will help consumers identify other supplements that your company offers. If they like one supplement that you make, they're more likely to pick up another supplement that's from your company.

Branding through supplement label design means using consistent design across all supplement bottles, regardless of what supplement they contain or how large they are. The logo, color scheme, and even font that you use on supplement labels should always be the same. 

You also should put information in the same places on all of your supplement bottles. The name of the supplement should always be in the same spot, as should the supplement, logo, number of pills, and all other details.

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