Linear TV Ads Can Rebuild Social Media Marketing Trust

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The widespread nature of social media marketing has made it very hard to avoid among many sectors of the advertising population. And a large number of companies are finding that advertising doesn't seem to have quite the same potent power that it once possessed, which has become an issue with some marketers. Thankfully, linear television advertising may help out in many scenarios.

Social Media Advertising is Losing Trust

Social media advertising has become one of the most popular and widespread ways of spreading a brand name, but it has started to lose some of its strength in recent years. The problem here is that advertising is becoming too blatant in a way that some consumers don't appreciate. Other people are reacting against the over-saturation of the field and the use of celebrities in such obvious ways.

Even worse, some people are now finding that many social media influencers are annoying or do not appreciate the type of content that they create. This change is one that marketers and business people must be ready to adapt to in ways that make sense. For example, linear television advertising can provide a marketing push that makes social media marketing more successful for their needs.

How Linear Television Advertising Helps

Linear television advertising remains one of the most powerful ways to reach out to an audience of potential buyers. Though television watching habits may be going down among some millennial audience members, a large number of them are still watching and appreciating a more modern approach to television marketing — such as one that works to entertain rather than sell a product.

For example, television advertising can highlight a social media influencer in a way that slightly makes fun of them but which showcases them in a positive light. This type of humor is often appreciated by the modern set and goes down well with social media experts as well. And this marketing can also spread potential hashtags and other social media elements to people who may not utilize them otherwise.

Although this type of advertising is more expensive than social media marketing, it can provide a huge boost in its effectiveness. Companies who want to synthesize these two approaches must take the time to better understand how television marketing works, why a linear approach — one that goes after a specific market — is appropriate, and how to integrate these methods into their marketing.

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