Top Reasons Why New Home Builders Should Employ A Digital Sales Assistant

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A new home builder is responsible for creating and building beautiful home with floor plans that attract potential buyers. However, no matter how good of a job a home builder does building homes, the proper marketing is essential is the builder wants to sell all of their homes in a community. There are many facets of marketing involved in running a successful home building company, and savvy home builders know that digital sales assistants for home sales are an essential part of the marketing team. Some of the top reasons to employ one or more digital sales assistants include:

Reply to Inquiry Emails

When a home builder begins building in a new community, there are sure to be many emails from prospective buyers. The sales associates working in the model homes rarely have time to answer all of the inquiries, which is why having a digital sales assistant is essential. You can count on a digital sales assistant to read and reply to all email inquiries in a timely manner, ensuring that your company provides excellent customer service to prospective buyers who are interested in learning more about the homes that you are building.

Schedule Appointments

In many cases, prospective buyers are interested in scheduling an appointment to tour the available model homes so they can see what each floor plan looks like in real life. In addition to replying to email inquiries, a digital sales associate can take care of all of the details associated with scheduling model home tours. Many new home buyers now enlist real estate agents to help them with the buying process, and a digital sales assistant can keep in touch with both real estate agents and prospective buyers.

Manage Social Media Outlets

Social media plays a big role in a lot of people's life in this day and age, and it is not uncommon for many to receive a lot of new information and news through various social media platforms. As a home builder, it is very important to maintain accounts on the most popular social media platforms and update them regularly with the most up to date information, links to the company website, new photographs, and any promotions that are being offered. A digital sales assistant can take on the task of updating and monitoring your company's social media accounts, while also interacting with any visitors that leave comments or questions on new posts added to your company's account.