The Importance Of Hiring A Copywriter For Your Start-Up

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Marketing your company is a process that involves constant adaptation and awareness of trends. Not only do you need to be up to date with trends within your industry and the buying habits of your consumers, you also need to stay up to date with current marketing trends in general. For instance, knowing the best SEO practices is advantageous for your entire business. Some start-up managers will hire a third-party SEO specialist to handle all of their content and copywriting. However, this article will explain why it can't be more advantageous to hire an in-house copywriter with SEO experience to help launch your start-up

A Copywriter with SEO Knowledge

First of all, you should definitely hire a copywriter who has a proven track record of producing quality content. That is, you want to hire somebody who can write. However, you also want to know that they are familiar with the more technical side of search engine optimization. The best practices of SEO are constantly changing because consumers use the Internet in so many different ways. For instance, just a decade ago, smart phones were a much smaller market in terms of search engine utilization. Today, you need an SEO specialist who can produce content and make sure it is seen just as prominently on mobile devices as it is on desktop Internet browsers.

When you hire a designated copywriter, you want to make sure that they have not only have experience with this, but that hey also have a record of remaining current with all of the SEO adaptations. Best practices that are common knowledge today might be obsolete next year, so your copywriter needs to be agile and ready to adapt.

A Copywriter Who Can Stay On Brand

When you hire an in-house copywriter when (or before) starting your new brand, you have a bunch of advantages. First of all, an in-house copywriter, especially one who has been with your brand since the beginning will be familiar with your brand identity and direction. When you hire third-party writers, you often need to train and teach them about the brand before they can start to write content that is relevant and reflective. An in-house copy expert doesn't need to be in the office on a daily basis, but if you can consistently retain the service from the same writer, your communication and production will be more efficient, clear, and effective.

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