Tips For Advertising In A Sports Arena

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If you have chosen to purchase advertising space in a sports arena or other area, you have likely shelled out a ton of cash. However, it could all be worth it if you are able to get enough eyes on your advertisement and therefore drastically increase the number of customers you are able to get. Here are some tips for creating an advertisement for a stadium.

1. Involve the Home Team

Most of the people who are going to come to a stadium will be active supporters of the home team. This means that they are going to have a preference for brands and advertisements that make them think of their home team and show that a company is active in a sport that they love. By involving the mascot or players in some way in your commercial, you will be able to increase the chances that fans will pay attention to your advertisement.

As a bonus, set up a volunteer opportunity for your employees and the players of the team to show that your company and the team are involved in the community. This will foster goodwill among those who view your advertisement.

2. Use Minimalist Strategies

Stadiums are packed with things for people to look at. If you are going to have an advertisement in a stadium and have it be effective, you will either need to be able to outshine all of the other ads that are competing for a fan's attention or you need to go the opposite way and draw a viewer's eye through minimalism. Since it can be incredibly difficult to outshine an entire stadium's worth of ads, go with minimalism. Use only one or two colors in your ad. Have a lot of negative space or space where nothing is actually happening. For example, a large sign that is one single color for the background and only has the logo of your company in the center leaves lots of negative space. This will help make the viewer look at your ad since it looks so different from all of the other noisy, image-filled ads competing for their attention.

3. Put Your Ad Out Front

Pay extra money to make sure that your ad is going to be where people are looking. If you are advertising in a baseball stadium, try to get your ad near the scoreboard or near home plate. If you are advertising in a football stadium, have the ad near the goals or near the fifty yard line marker. This will help increase the amount of time that people look at your ad.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in stadium advertising.