Marketing for Generation X with Whiteboard Animation Videos

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Whiteboard animation is often very impressive to audiences viewing its moving images. Bringing things to life on a virtual drawing board absolutely grabs people's attention better than flat, stoic images. When released to a popular video-sharing site, innovative animation may attract an incredible number of views. Whiteboard-animation videos, however, must compete with millions of other videos published online. Hence, a successful video requires a special hook. When targeting an older Generation X audience, taking popular images from their youth and connecting these visuals with the promoted product or service could yield a hit ad campaign.

Generation X and Pop Culture Marketing

Generation X is comprised of those persons born in between the mid-1960s and the very early 1980s. An interesting sociological aspect of this group is its high skepticism towards mass marketing. Traditional marketing strategies might not always work. The group, however, is enthralled in its love for pop culture and childhood. Marketing concepts that evoke upbeat feelings about the "good old days" can yield desirable results and circumvent any skepticism. A cool Gen-X marketing strategy may invoke a "one-of-us" feeling of trust. Here are two examples of tapping into such emotional energy.

A Nostalgia Pitch with Saturday Morning Cartoons

From the early 1970s to the early 1980s, networks would promote their Saturday morning cartoon slate in comic books with full page ads. Characters from each program would be given a segment of the page and an opportunity to speak in word balloons to hype an upcoming show. Recreating a live-action animated advertisement that borrows from this image can zero in on a host of wonderful memories. Once the viewer is in a positive mood, they become more receptive to a sales pitch.

A Sports and Video Games Past and Present Pitch

Generation X members do not live in the past. They are in tune with modern pop culture and entertainment. Many are sports fans. Using boxers in whiteboard images should catch the eye of a sports fan who is following modern boxing. By changing up the boxers' movements by adding over-the-top reactions borrowed from old 1980's Punch Out–style video games, the ads become unique and humorous. Once again, the viewer's mood is uplifting and they smile upon the product or service embodying such nostalgic creativity.

The Right Firm Knows the Right Approach

Creative advertising campaigns must combine innovation with the ability to remain on message. Nostalgic Generation-X animated whiteboard strategies can work, but only if the right firm is crafting the campaign with an experienced and deliberate hand.