Learn How To Have The Perfect Executive Pen Created To Use As A Promotional Product For Your Business

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When you have affluent clientele, it is important to make sure that you have promotional products created that they will actually use. Most affluent people will not carry a cheap pen or use a small pad to take notes on a daily basis. The best way to ensure that your promotional products are used by each and every client you have is to have executive pens made to give out to them. The following guide walks you through the steps for having classy pens made to promote your business in a stylish and useful way.

Choose the Style

You have the opportunity to choose between a capped pen and a twist pen when having an executive pen created. A capped pen requires users to recap the pen when they are done using it, while the twist pen requires users to remember to twist the pen so that the point goes back inside the nib so that the ink doesn't leak onto their clothing.

Choose the Text

You need to promote your business name on the side of the pen. Many people choose to use gold or silver lettering on the executive pens because it gives them a classier look than plain black or white lettering.

Choose the Color

You need to choose the color you want to use for the casing of the pen. Black, navy, and brown are colors that match with every outfit and do not show wear and tear after extended use.

Choose the Ink

When choosing the ink color you want to use in the pens, consider that many businesses choose to sign documents with black ink so that it matches the color of the print on the page.

Choose the Customizations

You can customize the pens to make them even more usable if you choose. A stylus can be added to the end of the pen so that people can use it to navigate a touchscreen device with ease. A clip can also be added to the tip of the pen so that it can be clipped to the edge of a pocket so it doesn't get lost in it.

Once you have made a decision about each option that is available to you when it comes to having executive pens made, you can place your first order. It is best to start with a small order first to make sure that you are happy with the end design before investing a ton of money in the promotional items. If you are happy with the way that the pen looks, the manufacturers will have the design saved and can easily mass produce them for you.