Tips For Choosing A Font For Your Aerial Advertisement

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Choosing a font for an aerial advertisement is very important because it is going to be one of the characteristics of the advertisement that determines whether or not it is going to be successful. If you choose a font that does not work, then you run the risk of wasting any money that you spent on the aerial advertising because nobody is going to respond to it. Here are some guidelines that you need to follow when you are choosing a font to make sure that your advertising campaign is worth it.

1. Make Sure It's Uniformly Dark

The first principle that you want to follow is to make sure that the font is uniformly dark. There are some fonts where part of the letter is very dark and thick and where another part of the letter is stylistically much thinner. This part of the letter will not appear to be as dark as the thicker parts of the letter and when you blow it up for the aerial advertisement, it might still be difficult for the letter to be seen clearly from a distance. Make sure that you choose a font where every part of every letter is uniformly dark.

2. Choose a Font With Good Spacing

Another factor that you want to take into consideration is the spacing of the letters. You don't want to use a font where all of the letters are very close to one another because it could make your message very difficult to read at a distance. If your target audience is not able to read your message, then your advertising campaign will not be successful.

3. Stay Away From Cursive

Don't choose a font that literally writes in cursive or a font that merely appears to write in cursive because not everyone can read cursive and you will be limiting your audience to those who are able to read your curling font. Cursive is also difficult to read from far away.

4. Don't Use Comic Sans

Everyone makes fun of Comic Sans and it has somehow become one of the most reviled fonts that is still being used. Comic Sans closely resembles the font that letterers use in comic books, but in the real world, it just looks childish.

5. Keep it Simple

Finally, make sure that you choose a simple font in order to maximize the number of people that are going to be able to read the font.

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