5 Ways To Enhance Brand Identity For Your Business

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Brand identity is the face of your business. It should be recognizable to customers and potential clients, while also providing a clear picture of how it differs from its competitors. Brand identity is achieved through many factors, including the logo design, business cards, marketing and advertising messages, and even the office itself. When all these elements work together in synergy, they create an identifiable brand concept that leads to customer retention and higher sales.

Here are 5 ways to enhance your brand identity.

1. Use Color Carefully

The colors you use can affect emotions among users or consumers — meaning that your choice of color provides opportunities for conveying moods or feelings about your product or service. For example, bright colors are often associated with children's toys because they help stimulate young minds; on the other hand, a business specializing in senior living may want to avoid those colors so as not to imply a fun-filled day for its residents.

2. Ensure Continuity

When designing a brand identity, it's important to instill a sense of continuity throughout all channels and media — such as incorporating the same font across advertising materials and signage on your storefront. Also ensure that the layout of your logo, business card, and website are alike; this cohesiveness will help customers immediately identify you as a leader in your industry.

3. Use Photography

Another way to create continuity is by including professional photos on all related products and services (e.g., adding food images on restaurant menus). If you choose stock photography, make sure it complements your overall branding strategy by maintaining the established color scheme and flow.

4. Solve a Problem

One way to stand apart from your competitors is by introducing new products or services that provide solutions for common (and annoying) problems; for example, if you operate an auto repair shop, consider offering free wifi during customer waiting periods. Brand identity will become stronger when customers feel like they are getting more than just typical product/service offerings — it's about giving them value beyond their expectations. If this added value continues over time (i.e., consistent service), your brand integrity will develop into something truly special.

5. Be Memorable

In order for customers to remember your brand, it's important to be creative and innovative with your marketing initiatives. If they see the same old thing time and again, they might quickly forget about you and are likely to switch to a competitor who is more exciting. Use unexpected tactics such as humor or even shock value to get people talking (and hopefully buying) from you.

When creating or enhancing your brand identity, keep in mind these five essential tips that will make it resonate with customers and help your business stand out from the competition. You can also hire a marketing agency to help you out implement more strategies.

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