Packaging Marijuana: What Designs Work Best?

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You have a marijuana dispensary and you want to sell the individual strains you grow onsite. You want to package your medical or recreational buds to clients in a way that is both appealing and gets a serious message out about the benefits you feel this herb can provide. In short, you want to market your products in a way that will build your company's reputation as a reputable dealer and help draw in the right client base for your store.

The way you brand your company will help improve your image. Whether you want to introduce a new marijuana strain or bud to the marketplace, or you want to revamp your current branding design, use this guide to help you in marketing and design. When you feel confident in your services, you will see your client base changing to reflect your services as well.


Color is one of the most important factors in branding anything, including legal marijuana as it's allowed in your state. Choose calming, earth-related colors, such as blue, green, and brown, to promote your marijuana leaves, buds, and edibles. This way, you show your products as being of the earth and natural in its use as opposed to the common Rasta-influenced reputation pot can carry with its consumers.


You want to create packaging that carries verbiage you can stand behind. Words like "full-flavor" and other descriptive verbiage should describe the way your product tastes and how it affects the body works. These words will help promote your services as an herb of use rather than something it is not. Be careful when using words to describe various bud strains and strengths so you don't accidentally promote your marijuana in a way that goes against your brand or target audience.


When it comes to promoting something as straightforward as marijuana—your customers already know what they are looking for—you want to use minimal packaging design. You don't need or want to draw major attention to the product within the container, you just need packaging that is water-proof and easy to open for your customers to readily enjoy.

Ask a marijuana packaging design service to assist you in selecting the right type of packing design. Their help could help your marijuana buds and products fly off your shelves and into the right demographics' hands.

As always, you should follow your state's laws regarding growing and dispensing marijuana. Your packaging and brand will help provide the right image that you have the authority to provide these products.