How To Use The Power Of Direct Mail Retargeting To Drive Business

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Direct mail retargeting is a powerful way to increase your marketing. Since many mail pieces, such as bills, advertising, and personal correspondence have gone virtual, you have the opportunity to stand out by utilizing direct mail.

Reinforce Visits To Your Site

Direct mailings to people who spend a short time on your website can be a little creepy, but when you focus on those visitors who show genuine interest in products, your mailings might tip the balance between people window shopping and becoming a customer. Focus on those visits where people spend a significant amount of time browsing your products or those who make multiple visits. A visitor placing items in their shopping cart is a good indicator they want to make a purchase, but there is some reason they did not complete the purchase. Following up with a direct mail piece that has an incentive to finish the purchase, such as a percentage off their first purchase, can make the difference.

Encourage In-Store Shopping

For stores with both a traditional brick-and-mortar and online store presence, direct mail can be a way to push online shoppers into the store. Some items, such as household appliances, mattresses, or furniture, can be purchased online, but some visitors are hesitant to follow through with their purchase and may use online stores as a way to do research. You could use direct mail as a way to remind the visitor they were interested in making a purchase and invite them into the store by offering them a free demo or an opportunity to test a larger product. Free shipping or setup offers for visitors who bring in the mail piece can also be an attractive feature, especially since you're asking the visitor to commit to an expensive purchase.

Make Return Customers Special

Direct mail can be a way to make return customers feel special. It takes more effort to gain a new customer than it does to appease your current customers. Direct mail retargeting can be used when you see current customers are browsing items online. Since you already have a relationship with them, it will seem less off-putting to current customers when they receive the occasional retargeted mailing. You might remind them that their anniversary with your store is approaching or that it's their birthday month. Current customers enjoy personalized mail pieces that show they are valuable to your company.

Retargeting with direct mail is a unique way to drive new business and encourage current customers to make more purchases. Investing the time into cultivating a retargeting approach can help your business stand out among others who only rely on online advertising.