Trade Show Display Ideas For The Handcrafting Jeweler

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Showing your handcrafted jewelry at a trade show is always an exciting experience. In order to complete a lot of sales, you must have many jewelry selections and sizes for potential customers to choose from. You don't need to have all of these different selections and sizes on display, but you do need to have access to them at the trade show. Here are a few things to consider in order to keep all of your inventory organized and ready to sell.

  • Booth Display Cases - Keep your jewelry in glass-topped cases that are hinged in the front. If a customer shows an interest in a piece of jewelry, you can lift open the display case from the back and retrieve the item. Have a display tray covered in velvet to set the item on so that your potential buyer can examine it. When your customer has finished looking at the item, it can be put back in the case and another item can be retrieved for them to examine.  
  • Necklace Fitting - Have a lighted mirror in your booth. If a customer is interested in a necklace, allow them to try it on and see how it sits on their neck. Have a supply of extra sterling silver and gold chain on hand so that you can quickly lengthen a necklace by attaching an inch or two of chain on the back of the necklace near the clasp. Have two pairs of needle-nose pliers on hand so that you can easily remove an inch or two of chain from a necklace if it sits too low on a potential customer's neck. 
  • Bracelet Fitting - Show your bracelets on round bracelet bars that are covered with a dark velvet fabric so that your customer can see what they look like when they are hanging. Bracelets can be easily taken on and off the bracelet bar by loosening the clasp. Keep extra sterling silver and gold jump rings on hand so that you are able to lengthen a bracelet easily by adding them near the clasp. 
  • Earring Fitting - Have a supply of sterling silver and gold ear wires on hand as well as some leverback and clip-on findings to give your customer a choice when they are considering a purchase of your earrings. You can quickly swap earring findings while your customer is considering a purchase. A potential customer will appreciate our willingness to find the perfect earring and earring findings for them during the show. 
  • Special Giveaway - As an incentive to have customers stop at your booth, have a sign that advertises that you will have a drawing for some of your jewelry at the end of each day of the trade show. You can collect business cards from your customers for the drawing and keep them in a large fish bowl until drawing time. For those customers without business cards, you can use one of your own business cards and write their name and phone number on the back. Contact the winners via telephone or email to tell them that they have won a piece of your jewelry. 

A trade show is a great time to see which of your jewelry creations your customers like and which gemstones and metal choices are popular. It is also a great time to advertise your website and the jewelry stores that always carry your work. Have all of this information available on your business card so that you can give potential customers a way of contacting you after the trade show. Ask your customers to sign a guest book with their name, address, phone number, and email address so that you can alert them to upcoming trades shows and sales. A trade show also gives your customers a chance to meet you and think about your handcrafted creations they may want to buy in the future. Talk to a trade show display professional like those at Exhibit Studios Inc. to learn about the display options that will help your show be successful.